Christian Education and Outreach Committee

The members of the Christian Education and Outreach committee are:

     2023 - Becky Brewer, Cindy Foster, Dixie Williams-Kilby

     2024 - Linda Ashe, Tina Lineberry, Brittany Shugart

     2025 - Maggie Calloway, Elisabeth Carter

Some of the items/areas this committee has responsibility for are:

  • Ensure there are teachers for each Sunday School Class
  • Ensure there are church workers available each Sunday - ushers; secretaries; greeters
  • We send financial and/or other support to our "mission of the month" - usually on a local level, such as Hands of Hope Medical Clinic (we provided 450 Bibles this year), Yadkin Christian Ministries (with canned food), and The Salvation Army (help in disaster relief efforts).
  • We prepare "outreach" boxes (with canned food, devotional, blanket, toiletries) to be given to those who may reach out to the church with a need.
  • Plan and/or find someone to organize different activities - Easter Egg Hunt; Vacation Bible School; church picnic; children's Christmas program; Christmas caroling; candlelight service.
  • We also buy and present gifts of appreciation for Sunday School teachers, mothers, fathers, high school graduates and veterans.
  • We keep the church updated on the different missionaries the church supports.

If anyone has ideas of educational or mission opportunities, please let a committee member know.